Exit and Succession Planning

succession planning

It's never too early to start preparing for the longevity of a law firm. Succession planning is used to develop an effective business exit strategy either through the sale of the business or through a transition to other family members. The process is highly customized and is designed to attain very specific, personal goals of the current owner. At Byrd & Associates, we offer the personalized exit and succession planning services that lawyers and attorneys need to be financially prepared for the future.

If your primary goal is to sell the practice for your retirement, our team of succession planning professionals can help. We’ll work with you to define your goals, identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of your law firm, and develop a plan to maximize the value of your firm. If your goal is to keep the practice in the family, we can assist you with identifying and preparing a successor and minimizing gift taxes. With our guidance, succession planning can be a financially rewarding and pleasant experience.

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Our succession planning and exit strategy services include: